JSC «Polyot» Ivanovo parachute works

About company

JSC В«PolyotВ» Ivanovo parachute works is unique enterprise
parachute profile in Russia

Experimental department

The company was founded in 1924 and over 90 years of history has passed a difficult way from a sewing workshop to a modern enterprise. All business processes in the Company in accordance with international quality standard ISO-Standard 9001 - 2011, GOST RV 0015-002-2012.

Today «Polyot» this is:

  • Highly work team
  • Technology of production corresponding to the global trends of development
  • High quality products, continuously improving and meeting the requirements of customers

JSC «Polyot» — The company full cycle of production of parachute systems. The structure of the enterprise includes:
own clothing manufacture and metal, design office, textile and chemical laboratories, a private group of testers.
This means that all major components are made of parachute systems in one enterprise, so the parachute from JSC «Polyot» is reliable and safe.

Design department

At all stages of the production cycle parachutes are several levels of control: the input, in-process and finished product inspection. Production also takes control of military acceptance №61 VP Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

Ivanovo parachute factory produces reliable and safe parachute systems of various types:

  • Landing
  • Sports
  • Teaching and training
  • Emergency
  • Spare
  • Special
  • Brake landing systems
  • Individual models on order

JSC «Polyot» Ivanovo parachute works

Customers of JSC «Polyot»:

  • Air Force
  • Russian Airborne Troops
  • Russian Federal Security Service
  • The Ministry Of Internal Affairs Of The Russian Federation
  • The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters
  • Russian Federal Protection Service
  • Military transport and civil aviation of Russia and other countries
  • Gyms the ROSTO

The scale of the company, its importance to the economy and the country's defense is as follows:

  • The staff of the factory is more than 600 skilled workers and specialists
  • 90% of all parachutes airborne forces in Russia are produced at JSC «Polyot»
  • 20% is the share of JSC «Polyot» on the Russian market of sports parachutes
  • Highly skilled workers create products are in great demand at home and abroad.

The company has a complete package of state licenses for the development, production, maintenance and disposal of aircraft, including dual and military equipment.